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5 Top Ways to Make Money from Twitter and make big profits 2023

Who among us is not acquainted with the platform Twitter, that social network which accommodates thousands of subscribers worldwide, and ranks as the third largest social networking site globally, following Facebook and Instagram? Are you aware that you can achieve substantial profits from it? Do you know that earning from Twitter is one of the easiest and most advantageous current methods for beginners?

5 Top Ways to Make Money from Twitter and make big profits 2023
5 Top Ways to Make Money from Twitter and make big profits 2023

Indeed, it is the simplest approach for novices, as all you require is a computer device and a Twitter account in order to commence profiting through numerous strategies. Today, I shall present to you the top 5 methods, among them, to attain substantial profits through your account.

  1. The strategies we shall elucidate in this article are as follows:
  2. Earning through the sale of tweets on your Twitter account.
  3. Making money by shortening links via your Twitter account.
  4. Promoting affiliate offers.
  5. Profiting from selling followers on Twitter.
  6. Selling products from your online store.

1 Profit from selling tweets on a Twitter account

Although this method remains relatively unknown in our Arab world, it stands as the easiest and quickest means of earning money through Twitter.

The strategy, in essence, entails crafting a tweet containing an image, article link, video, or a client's product link, for which you receive monetary compensation in exchange for publishing said tweet.

Of course, this strategy necessitates a robust and engaged Twitter account with a substantial number of followers. Crucially, the account must specialize in a specific field to attract clients' attention and prompt them to engage with you and remunerate you for publishing tweets on your account.

A practical example: Establish a Twitter account dedicated to weight reduction, publishing daily tweets featuring numerous insightful tips, expressive images, and videos, while utilizing relevant and active hashtags associated with the information you provide.

Additionally, ensure to follow the largest possible number of individuals interested in that particular field. Consequently, they will follow your account, especially when exposed to the vast amount of beneficial information and advice you present. By consistently applying this strategy and particularly focusing on active hashtags within your field, your account will rapidly expand.

Upon reaching a substantial number of engaged and interested followers, you can effortlessly initiate the sale of your tweets.

The easiest method to sell your tweets and guarantee the acquisition of funds is to create an account on the platform "Fiverr" and make it known to people that you offer a service of promoting their product links or images within your tweets in exchange for financial compensation (the amount of compensation varies based on the level of engagement and the number of followers).

You can view the image in the link provided, depicting one of the services that has effortlessly generated over $420 without any significant exertion.

2 Earning money through link shortening on Twitter

Unlike Facebook, which prohibits shortened and profit-oriented links, Twitter does not restrict any links. Therefore, if you possess a substantial number of active followers on your account, you can shorten significant links related to your account's posts. Shorten an essential article link using one of the link shortening profit websites and add a powerful hashtag relevant to the content of that article. By doing so, you can ensure, God willing, that you earn decent profits from each click on those links.

Imagine, my brother, an engaged account where you have professionally added a tweet and shortened a link to an article associated with that tweet. You obtained 3000 clicks and visits to the shortened link you provided, which could easily earn you more than $30.

As an example, the image below illustrates how the account owner utilizes shortened links to effortlessly earn money.

Honestly, making money through link shortening is remarkably easy with Twitter.

3 Promoting affiliate offers

Personally, I consider Twitter one of the best platforms for those interested in working in the field of affiliate marketing. If we make a simple comparison between Twitter and Facebook, we find that the reach and exposure of posts on Facebook do not exceed 1% of the followers, while it can exceed 10% on Twitter, especially when selecting an active hashtag.

Achieving profits through Twitter via affiliate offers is straightforward. Simply join a good affiliate program related to your account, then add a short video or image to one of your tweets, along with your affiliate link. By doing so, you will earn significant profits from anyone who uses your affiliate link to purchase that product.

4 Earning through selling Twitter followers

There are numerous individuals, like yourself, who aspire to enhance their accounts or seek ways to profit from Twitter. They often encounter difficulty in obtaining genuine followers, particularly since paid advertisements on Twitter are expensive. However, what you can do is sell authentic followers.

The method is quite simple: retweet one of the client's posts, who desires to acquire a substantial number of followers, using your engaged account. In return, the client compensates you for each retweet you perform.

You might also agree in advance on a specific number of posts that will include the client's account link.

The easiest way to engage in this method is through freelance service platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancer, or SEO Clerk.

You can observe the image depicting an individual employing the same strategy.

5 Selling products from your online store

Twitter is an exceptional platform for anyone interested in promoting their products for free, especially those engaged in drop shipping. You can create a dedicated Twitter account for your store and add numerous tweets featuring captivating images of your best products related to your store. Initially, as your account spreads and garners a large number of followers, you can start adding tweets that include discount coupons for the product you are selling, accompanied by an appealing image and the corresponding purchase link.

By following this strategy and consistently posting with the best relevant hashtags in your store's field, you will attain a significant number of sales and substantial profits. It is crucial to maintain account engagement by continuously sharing and using the most effective hashtags related to your store's niche.

To better understand the method, you can view the subsequent image of a lady promoting her own store through Twitter.

You can follow this video in which we explain one of the fantastic strategies for earning from Twitter by targeting wealthy countries such as the United States and Canada and leveraging important events in these countries.