gaining profit from youtube without appearing oneself online for free

gaining profit from youtube without appearing oneself online for free

The art of profiting from YouTube without appearing on screen can be easily achieved. With billions of users accessing the platform, it offers an extensive range of content for people to view, making it a lucrative avenue for individuals seeking to generate income. However, some may aspire to earn money from the platform without revealing their identity to the audience, but lack the knowledge on how to do so. Therefore, in this discussion on the Money Makers website, we will delve into the topic of how to cleverly profit from YouTube without appearing on screen.

Genius profit from YouTube without appearing yourself

In the present day and age, the internet has become an indispensable tool, prompting users to turn to it as a means of generating income. One such platform that offers a simple way to achieve this is YouTube. If a user desires success without revealing their face, it is achievable through the following means:

1- Creating videos about nature

It is possible to create videos about the breathtaking nature, such as filming during rainy weather or thunderstorms because many people enjoy watching them. Additionally, filming the seas and waves or filming the sunrise and sunset can help you achieve a lot of profits without revealing your personality or speaking.

2- Subscribing to marketing platforms

Regarding the genius of making money from YouTube without appearing in videos, users can achieve profits on YouTube without appearing through subscribing to one of the commission-based marketing platforms, such as Amazon, Noon, and many other well-known networks. Therefore, you can create a video that includes all the products offered by these platforms, in addition to placing your special link in those platforms. When your followers enter your link and make a purchase, you will receive a large commission. This is one of the easy ways to achieve profits.

3- Marketing your own product

If you have your own products, you can create a video that contains all the products, and it is preferred to present them in a distinctive way to attract followers. You do not need to appear in the video, but you must place a link that allows followers to buy your products through it. You can also add a free delivery service at the beginning and some other offers because this attracts followers a lot.

4- Creating videos with unique content

Regarding making money from YouTube without appearing in videos, we note that if the user does not want to show their face in the videos on YouTube, they can achieve profits through some useful topics that the audience is interested in and attract them. However, you must speak politely and convey the information easily. You can also create educational videos, which is a prevalent practice that helps to achieve a significant number of views and profits.

5- Earning from YouTube without videos

You can earn from YouTube without creating your own videos by purchasing some videos and clips that attract the audience's attention and displaying them on your channel. This helps you achieve a lot of profits without the need to appear, in addition to not requiring placing ads from Google AdSense.

6- Earning from YouTube through advertisements

Continuing to talk about earning from YouTube cleverly without appearing yourself, it is clear that if you have a good number of followers, you should create videos that attract the audience, and through that, you can make an agreement with one of the companies or products to conduct ads for them in exchange for a commission, in addition to the financial profit that you will get from YouTube.

7- Creating videos for a brand

You can create videos that do not appear in them, but only talk about a distinctive brand, but it is preferred not to directly mention the brand name and only talk about its features and offers, as this makes the followers watch the videos to know the brand name, which helps you achieve a lot of profits. Therefore, you can make an agreement with one of the monthly brands to advertise it.

8- Self-confidence videos

Many people suffer from low self-confidence due to the challenges they face at times. Therefore, you can create short motivational videos that help followers to be more confident, always strive to achieve their goals and aspirations, and not allow anyone to discourage them. You can do this by presenting some exceptional and inspiring experiences and it is not necessary to show your face, you just have to speak in an encouraging way.

9- Video games

Users can easily earn money without appearing by creating videos about games, without requiring them to appear on the screen, but rather they can use their voice to explain the game and its features in an attractive way that attracts the audience.

10- Creating a Cooking Channel

To profit from YouTube without appearing in person, YouTube users can easily earn revenue by creating a cooking channel and showcasing how to prepare various unique and well-known dishes that people love, but with a unique and distinct appearance to attract more followers, especially women. Additionally, adding videos about different meals from other countries that are not well known, but intriguing for viewers to watch and try immediately, can increase the channel's popularity. Simply film the ingredients and preparation process without showing your face, and speak to explain the instructions to your followers.

11- Videos for Experiments and Repairs

If you are one of those who love to carry out scientific experiments, you can showcase your successful experiments and explain to your followers how to do them. There are many followers interested in those things. Additionally, creating videos that demonstrate how to repair damaged things at home with ease or how to recycle old items can attract a large audience and help you generate a lot of profits without appearing on screen.

12- Earning from YouTube through E-Books

Many followers are interested in reading books online, so you can take advantage of that by selling books on your YouTube page and adding a link to purchase. It is preferable to add famous and unique books that are not easily found, as it will help you earn more revenue.

13- Earning from YouTube by Selling Services

If you have expertise in a particular field, you can offer your services on your channel. You can make videos showcasing your skills, and interested viewers can contact you to avail of your services. This can be another way to generate revenue without having to appear on camera.


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