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How to professionally convert files in 5 steps

How to professionally convert files in 5 steps

Many individuals encounter difficulties in converting digital files from one format to another, often struggling to find an effective method to precisely achieve their desired outcome. This can lead to feelings of frustration or dismay due to the lack of suitable alternatives for executing this task. So, how can one successfully overcome this challenge? And what types of files can be converted?

What is meant by file conversion?

File conversion is a digital process aimed at transferring data from one format to another in order to operate it through a specific program, or to make modifications to it. For example, a PDF file can be converted to a Word document, or an audio recording can be transcribed into written text. As for the file format, it is a standardized method that encodes information and stores it in a specific file, which can be read by dedicated programs.

The process of file conversion can be likened to language translation. If we have a novel written in English, for example, and it is professionally translated into Arabic, both versions contain the same information but in two different ways. However, if it is translated automatically using a tool like Google Translate, it will suffer from flawed translation lacking the original meaning. Similarly, with file conversion, if it is done automatically, you will undoubtedly lose important descriptive data, or obtain poor outputs, and other issues.

Why do you need to convert files?

Converting files has become increasingly important, especially with the diversity of file types and formats. Here are the main benefits:

1. Interoperability of files

You may receive a document that is incompatible with your computer system, and therefore you are unable to open it. This can lead to the generation of what is known as a "data silo", where information is only available to one party, which can cause disruptions and difficulties in your workflow and outputting it correctly. However, file conversion helps you achieve file interoperability, i.e., the ability of different companies and systems to work together.

2. Data storage and compression

Through file conversion, you can store data in different formats and reduce its size, i.e., decrease the space it occupies on the hard drive. For instance, if you have a collection of audio recordings that you wish to transcribe into written text, you can convert them into well-organized and compact PDF files.

3. Reading content using different programs

When using a file converter, you can produce copies that are similar in quality to the original file, and allow the system to determine other programs to open and read them, in addition to improving file processing and protection. For example, you can convert the image format into another format and open it with your own password, protecting it from damage.

4. Making modifications to the original file

Modifying the original file is one of the most important advantages of file conversion, as there are documents that cannot be edited until they are converted to another format. For instance, you can convert a PDF to a Word format to make substantial modifications or fix technical issues in the original version.

  • Various types of files that can be converted

It is possible to convert different types of files from one format to another with high quality, whether they are textual, auditory, or visual, such as:

  • Converting audio files to text

Converting an audio file to text helps you access information quickly, in addition to the ease of reading the audio instead of listening to it. Regardless of the type of audio file, you can convert it to a text document and play it through Microsoft Word, PDF file reader, or PowerPoint presentation. It is noteworthy that the majority of audio-to-text conversion software does not support the Arabic language or lacks accuracy and professionalism, and will not achieve satisfactory results for your aspirations.

  • Converting video clips to other formats

There are many works that require converting video files to other formats and formats, such as images, texts, and relying only on audio. For example, journalists need to transcribe television interviews and convert them into written news for publication on news websites. Some may want to convert educational videos, for example, into audio recordings in MP3 format.

  • Converting text to different textual formats

Many people want to convert PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other textual formats for several reasons, such as making some modifications to the original file or obtaining certain parts of the text to add them to an enjoyable PowerPoint presentation or retaining handwritten texts in digital files in PDF format, for example.

  • Converting texts into audio files

Converting textual content to audio files has become increasingly prevalent, particularly with the rise of audiobooks and the growing popularity of podcasts. Many internet users prefer listening to audio content instead of reading text, seeing it as a suitable means of receiving information that relieves the strain on the eyes from written content.

5. file conversion software programs

The file conversion software includes a list of complex encoding rules that are specialized in defining the file in order to reduce any loss of meaning and to match the converted version with the original file as much as possible. In this regard, here are the top 5 file conversion software programs:

Here are the top 5 programs for file conversion:

  • Speechnotes: a tool for converting audio files to text online or offline, allowing for long open voice recordings, with automatic correction and backup features on Google Drive.

  • Renee PDF: a program that supports Arabic language and converts image files into written text in Word, Excel or PDF documents.

  • Trint: a good application for converting videos into written text, with the ability to track text and speech through the time periods it adds to the words.

  • Ashampoo PDF Pro 2: a tool for converting, editing and managing PDF files to Word, creating and compressing PDF forms, and comparing them with each other.

  • PDF converter: allows you to convert Word documents to PDF or any other format, converting all content of the document such as images, tables and text into the new format correctly, and enabling you to merge or split PDF files.

How to convert files in 5 steps

Do you find it difficult to convert a certain file to another file format?

Follow the steps below:

Determine the types of files you wish to convert.

Prior to converting files, it is essential to identify the type of file that you want to convert. This will help you to find effective tools for conversion, and to achieve your end goal with precision. If you do not identify the type of file, you will not be able to convert it with the necessary professionalism and accuracy. After that, you should organize and label them clearly, and prioritize by making a list of the most important files you want to convert first, while ensuring that you keep a backup copy.

Define the purpose of converting the files.

Make your goal clear and direct, and identify the main motivations for converting the file. This will help you to develop a preliminary concept of what the data will look like in the new formats. Ask yourself: Do you want to edit a PDF file and cannot do so without transferring the data to another format? Is your aim to transcribe audio recordings or TV interviews into text for publication in reports and articles or for use in a presentation, or to save it in another text format?

Choose the format you want to convert to.

Once you know the type of file and have identified the conversion goal, it becomes easy to choose the appropriate formats to convert to. For example, if your goal is to produce an audiobook instead of a written book, you will convert it to an audio file format such as MP3, WAV, or WMA. However, if you need to keep paper lectures in digital format, you will change them to a document in DOC or PDF format, and so on.

File conversion services:

Some may entirely rely on file conversion software to transfer their information and data to new formats. This is a serious mistake, particularly if such applications do not support the quality of their files, resulting in outputs that lack the required quality and precision, and lack smoothness and clarity, despite subscribing to paid versions of these programs.

Fortunately, you can now convert your files to other formats and types with high quality by utilizing file conversion services offered by specialists and professionals on the Khamsat website, the largest Arab marketplace for buying and selling microservices. Whatever type of file you wish to convert, these professionals can easily and accurately meet your needs. All you need to do now is to review these services and select the appropriate one for your needs.

Selecting the appropriate file conversion service requires careful consideration.

To choose a suitable file conversion specialist, it is necessary to study the available services closely, paying attention to their details and evaluating each one. Then, compile a list of the best providers of these services, while also examining any advanced offerings and checking previous customer testimonials.

Once the best sellers have been selected, begin communicating with the provider via the messaging feature offered by Khamsat to explain your needs, requirements, and desired outcome, before purchasing the service. To ensure the best possible results, stay in constant contact with the provider throughout the work process, in order to minimize the likelihood of any post-delivery modifications.

What is the cost of file conversion?

Services for file conversion on Khamsat start at a minimum of $5 and can increase depending on several factors, including:

  • Service requirements: Is the conversion of a 60-minute audio file to text equivalent to transferring a handwritten page to a Word file? Of course not, as the former requires a significant amount of time and effort and naturally demands a higher budget.

  • File converter's expertise: When you purchase a service from an expert seller who has sufficient skills in file conversion, and possesses quick wit and the ability to handle problems that may arise, the price will be higher than a service from a beginner seller.

  • Service delivery date: The service's price may increase depending on the specified delivery time. The faster you need to convert a file, the more you will have to work with a professional and quick-execution seller to meet your needs on time.

Therefore, file conversion is a challenging and complex process that requires professional specialists to transfer data to other formats, to ensure accuracy and professionalism. Automated software is often time-consuming and costly and will not provide the required quality. Thus, it is best to collaborate with an expert in file conversion to achieve your desired goals.