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The best 05 applications for learning the English language (Android and IOS)

applications for learning the English language

Most people have become addicted to using their phones in our current age. Why not utilize the hours spent on your phone to learn English in an entertaining and effective way?

There are hundreds of applications that can be downloaded onto your phone to learn English at any time (during commutes, in leisure time), which distinguishes this method of learning English.

However, due to the abundance of these applications, anyone can become perplexed in selecting the best application for learning English. Therefore, we have created this guide.

1. Duolingo app

This application is considered the most popular language learning app in the world, and Duolingo is a well-established educational app institution with extensive experience and a proven track record.

Features of this app:

  • It offers an excellent user experience.
  • The app can be used in Arabic or English.
  • The educational curriculum is divided into several levels, starting from the basics.
  • Each level is divided into simple exercises on grammar and simple situations to increase your vocabulary while learning to pronounce words correctly.
  • You can move on to the next level immediately after finishing the test.
  • The app is available on Android and IOS operating systems, and you can download a Windows-specific app or use the website.
  • This app is a very good option for beginners. You can use it during your commute, or as a tool for entertainment and learning at the same time.

Duolingo app download links:

2. Memrise

This application is the second most popular language learning app for English and one of the most widely used language learning apps in the world. It can be relied upon for a simple and effective approach to learning the English language, especially since it regularly reminds you of everything you have learned.

Advantages of this application:

  • The user experience is excellent and the application's design is splendid.
  • The app includes multiple levels for the English language.
  • You can choose between British or American dialects.
  • At every level, you learn many new words.
  • Each word is accompanied by a short video of a fluent English speaker pronouncing it (according to the accent you have chosen).
  • Each word is linked to an image, making it easy for you to remember.
  • The app informs you regularly of the number of new words you have learned.
  • The app constantly tests you on everything you have learned to ensure you have learned everything.
  • The app is free, but if you purchase the paid version, you get more exercises, especially for conversation practice.

This app is an excellent option if you want to learn new words and situations with minimal effort, as it trains you to memorize new words effortlessly, which makes it stand out.

However, it is important not to rely solely on this app for learning English, especially since it lacks the rules.

Application download links:

3. Hello English app

It is one of the most popular language learning applications of recent times, having won the Best App award from Google in 2018 for its high efficiency.

The advantages of this application are manifold:

  • It offers an excellent user experience.
  • The curriculum is divided into 19 stages.
  • Each stage comprises roughly 20 lessons, wherein you learn grammar, vocabulary, and situational usage in a simple and distinctive manner.
  • At the end of each stage, there is an exam that you must pass to progress to the next stage.
  • There are also exercises specifically designed for conversation practice.
  • The application contains articles in English (tailored to each level), which are packed with extremely useful information, and each article concludes with questions to test your comprehension.
  • The application also includes the top 1000 most important English words, translated and presented in sentences with examples for you to learn how to use them.
  • The application boasts excellent games for practicing English.
  • Upon entering the application, your progress, tasks, and daily updates are displayed for you.
  • The application is available for Android and IOS systems, as well as a Windows application.

Many English teaching experts recommend this application, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate learner, I highly recommend that you check out this application for its splendid lessons and informative content.

Application download links:

4. Busuu app

The Busuu company is among the leading companies in the world of developing curricula for teaching various languages worldwide, which cater to all levels, and it offers one of the best English language learning applications in the world.

The features of this application are as follows:

  • It provides a splendid user experience that is considered one of the finest in the world.
  • There are multiple levels available within the application.
  • Each level consists of miniature lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and scenarios.
  • The application offers accurate and professional translations for all the words and sentences displayed, perhaps making it the best among similar applications.
  • At the end of each level, you will find a summary of all the new information presented to you so that you can review it easily.
  • You can easily switch between levels as you desire.
  • Most lessons are free, but there are some that are only accessible by subscribing to the paid version.
  • You can communicate with many people who are learning different languages and assist those who are learning Arabic (whether by translating some words or simple sentences - or through conversation). You can also take advantage of the same feature to learn English.

Application download links:

5. U-Dictionary App

Some may assume that this application is only intended for certified professional translation, but it offers extremely impressive features that rightfully earn it a spot on the list of the best English language learning apps.

The features of this application are as follows:

  • The user interface is excellent.
  • The application is accredited by the University of Oxford.
  • The application provides professional translation with explanations of meanings, whether it's English to Arabic or English to English, for professionals.
  • It includes a speaking dictionary in both British and American accents.
  • You will find other words with the same meaning or antonyms of the word you are searching for, which is very useful.
  • You will find many sentences containing the word you are searching for, so you can understand its meaning well.
  • All examples provided are translated into Arabic.
  • The dictionary works offline, without the need for the internet.
  • You can translate any word while reading (whether from a PDF file or any browser) by simply selecting the word and clicking the copy icon. The application will provide you with the translation of the word.
  • When you open the application, you will find small lessons, stories, and conversations that are added periodically. You can listen to them daily to practice your English language and improve your skills.
  • You will also find fantastic word and picture games that help you acquire new vocabulary and review your knowledge in a wonderful way.
  • You can use the application in both Arabic and English.
  • This application is more than fantastic, and I personally use it due to the massive database and amazing features it provides. Therefore, I recommend anyone to rely on it.

We have now concluded today's article on the top 5 applications for learning English.

However, as I mentioned earlier, there are numerous applications to choose from. Nonetheless, I endeavored to compile the best language learning applications that cover nearly all aspects you require.

My recommendation to you is to rely on one primary source (such as a course or book), and then use one of these applications to intensively practice a specific skill.

U-Dictionary download links: